Ground Yourself


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Rather like an onion, life is about learning to peel back the layers to return to that perfection. By allowing yourself to listen to your higher self, which in turn brings you back to your soul and your true state of being, you can begin to discard the layers of the false lives you have been living.

People of all walks of life live with the false beliefs that living in a constant state of stress, anxiety, worry and fear is normal, when indeed it is not. We become bogged down with what society deems correct, how we should feel and how we need so many material objects that only serve to tie us down. Your soul lives in a constant state of Love, Happiness, Joy and Truth. Through an awakening process, Andrea aims to help her clients get back to this state of mind. You may have tried lots of ways to be happy but still not feel that you are truly living your life to your highest potential.

You can live your life in a Loving, Happy, Truthful way, as you already have the keys to unlock it, whether it be through Energy Healing, Readings for Guidance, group workshops or one on one development. Andrea can help you by clearing away the blocks, cutting ties, getting rid of stagnant negative energy and giving you the tools to help yourself flourish. As each step is undertaken you will reconnect with your true self and the energy will flow, clarity becoming the norm. As you see these life lessons, you begin to understand the process and if you are not already on your path, you will find and embrace it with Love and Acceptance, leaving behind any fear and Anxiety.

Living your life in a truthful, non-judgmental way allows everyone to face any adversity and challenges in a positive way.




I have attended two workshops now and have thoroughly enjoyed them and learned so much! I have also had readings from Andrea and was very impressed! I would highly recommend any of her services.