Yes I am a witch, I call myself a white witch so that people understand I do “no harm”. I am not part of a religion, I am a witch. A witch’s job is a complex one and the job description varies for each witch.

I would say my life as a witch includes, being a mother, lover, healer, spell work, counsellor, teacher, oracle, mystic, communicating with mother earth  and the divine spirit, acknowledging the seasons, respecting nature and the elements/faey, creative change by shifting, bending and using energy for good.

I spend most of my week helping people, whether it be with energy healing, readings, spell work or house clearances. I have an amazing team of spirit helpers that I am so grateful to be able to communicate with every day. I have to say, my spirit guides are rather bossy, rather like myself at times, but all of this makes me very grateful to do the job I do and possess the gifts that I have.

Blessed be

Andrea x