I’m Andrea Lancaster & I’m A Blood Line Witch

For the past 3 decades I have been learning and gaining qualifications to help others. I have a natural gift of mediumship since I was a very small child and in my late teens and early twenties I had the opportunity to develop this gift properly. I have also taught myself to read the Tarot cards which I have found to have a natural affinity with.

As the years moved on I found herself drawn to healing and I began to gain the qualifications and training that I use with my clients today. I am a Reiki Master and have also been educated in Seichem (an Egyptian form of healing very similar to Reiki but working on a much higher vibration). Each qualification has given me a more in depth approach to my Teaching, Workshops, Readings/Guidance and Healing which in turn allows me to give each client a much more profound consultation and healing session.


Spirit & I 

From the old lady who used to sit at the end of my bed (a previous occupant who died in the house we were then living in , whom my grandmother who was a medium had also seen and spoken to). There was a time that I told my Mam and Dad that my Aunty had just given birth to a little girl (we had no phone and it was 8:30 in the morning). My grandad arrived on the doorstep two hours later to break the good news to which my mother told him we already knew as Andrea had been told by spirit!! The experiences I had, which always felt totally normal, were at no point discredited by my family as I come from mediums and spiritualists on both sides.

As I grew up I become more interested in music, make up and boys and so I didn’t really do much with my gift apart from the odd visit to the spiritualist church with my mother. At about the age of 17 I started to become interested again and would go to open circles to try and enhance and develop my gift further. However, life soon got in the way again (as it is meant to do!) I met someone and became pregnant at 18 and got unhappily married!! I had my first son, and just over a year later I had my second son. It was a very unhappy relationship as we were far too young. At the age of 22 I left my husband and a swift divorce ensued. I was soon asked to join a private development circle which was a great honour and this was where I really started to develop my gift properly. I quickly rose to giving services in the local spiritualist churches, and as time went on this was not enough for me so I then began a life long pursuit of learning and qualifications in various Holistic therapies. I was asked to help people develop their skills as a medium in my late 20’s and ever since, on and off, I have ran development circles, workshops and done private one on one readings, healing and house clearances.

Throughout my life I have had many ups and downs and traumatic events which brought me to this point in my life and for that I am truly grateful. These experiences helped me learn to have tremendous empathy for the people who I help, to understand the people who I teach, give guidance to and give healing. I have been doing readings for over 27 years now, healing for over 10 years and teaching for 20 years. I myself will never stop gaining new knowledge and learning it is all part of the natural process.

Namaste Friends xxx

I cannot begin to explain or express how amazing Andrea is. Honesty is the most precious thing a person can give to another and she exceeds my expectations, reading after reading!!!! I really recommend her as a reader, just want to say thank you.

Ian Don