So why did I choose to be a witch ? Good question, but I didn’t it chose me after all it’s in my mothers bloodline all the way back to St Austell Cornwall.

As a teenager I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer ( got pregnant and had to drop out of college) , after that when my marriage broke down I went from one job to another to keep a roof over mine and my children’s heads . Whilst in my spare time I learned to control my mediumship, develop my natural ability to manipulate energy and converse with the elements, read tarot Cards , cast spells you name it I was learning about it, I devoured the information, the more adept witchcraft I became the more people wanted readings or guidance or a Earth bound spirit removing from the house. All the while I was wondering what my purpose in life was and what career path I should be taking! Well Duh ! It was right in front of me but I never considered it as a career as my mother didn’t want me to end up unhappy, manically depressed like my grandmother her mother who had been a brilliant medium and tea leaf reader, but who had never had to pennies to rub together and sometimes had work three jobs just to keep a roof over her children’s heads and food on the table.

In the end it was the fact I was so fed up with my badly paid retail job and so in demand for readings etc , I decide to take the plunge and see if I could make enough money to live so I stepped into the unknown and stepped onto my true pathway in life, that of helping others. Now don’t get me wrong it has not been an easy path to walk full of trials and tribulations ( which have given me greater empathy for those I help ),at times I threw in the towel and walked away I couldn’t take anymore of the rollercoaster of spiritual enlightenment but everything like a moth to the flame I came back and eventually I realised this was what I was here to do, to help people awaken to their true potential and walk their walk happily believing anything is possible, to guide people through the tough times of learning in life and reset their compass so that they become aligned with their destiny.

So in a nutshell that’s why this witch tried every witch way not be who I truly am but in the end realised the truth and I’m so happy I did.

Be Blessed xxx