Andrea’s Readings, Energy Work Services, Workshops and Talks are available via Skype as well as in person. Absent Energy Work takes place when the recipient is not present in the room – the connection is made by sending out a bridge of energy to send energy to the intended recipient.

Akashic Records Readings – £100

The Akashic Records are a database/ soul record that have all the information about the lives we have lived and the intentions for our future. By being allowed to tap into the Akashic Records I am able to access relevant information that is not only interesting in the respect of knowing what some of your past lives were but also helping you gain understanding in any fears, influences that are casting shadows over our current lifetime which may hold us back or impact in some way. This process will then give the key to what has been holding you back thus allowing you to release those ties and move forward on your intended path. The reading gives important knowledge that can make a big difference in your life.

Classic Readings – £100

Andrea tunes in with both mediumship and psychic abilities as well as using tarot cards to gain an in-depth reading.

Getting to the bottom of what’s going on for you right now and what’s to come.

Soul Path Reading – £100

Gain an understanding of your life purpose and the path that you have chosen to walk in this life time. This reading helps you to find the way onto your true path in life by giving helpful insights. The session lasts one hour.

House Clearing – from £150

Negative Energy Removal is used when a house has stagnant or negative energy that is causing an unhappy/uneasy feeling, whether caused by previous occupants, recent upheaval or earthbound spirits. Using various techniques, Andrea will release this energy by neutralizing it or replacing it with positive vibes or by moving the earth bound spirits causing the concern to the correct place.

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Energy Work – from £75

Need to get your zing back and move beyond the stuff that’s keeping you stuck right now?

A variety of energy work modalities are used to allow a very deep, cleansing/energy work process, clearing old ties to the past, blocks and negative energy whilst realigning the chakras and, once energy work has taken place, allowing the life force energy to flow more freely.

The session lasts one hour.

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Andrea’s wide range of lecture and workshop topics include: Aura and Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Mediumistic Development, Angel Workshops, Ascension Workshops, Psychic Protection, Trust your Instincts, Tarot workshops, Manifesting your Goals and various spiritual topics and skills. Prices available on inquiry.

In accordance with the law in several countries I must point out that all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice, and I do not give advice.


Working one to one allows for a more in-depth, intensive experience where Andrea is able to tailor the tutorial to the individuals needs, wants and level of understanding. All the workshops can be tailored in this way and adjusted to fit the client’s request. Sessions last one hour.

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I Was Blown Away

Just thought it was appropriate to write to tell everyone how blown away I was with my Akashic Record reading last week with Andrea. It was amazing! We had a few laugh out loud moments, with quite a lot of light bulb moments and the diversity between the lives was immense. I am still in awe of what I found out.

Every past life that Andrea was directed to had significant meaning to my current life in terms of something to clear, take on board and learn from. I now have a greater understanding of me as a person and my preferences in life good and not so. I didn’t know what to expect but basically you just need to sit and listen to what Andrea has to say and it’s as easy as that.

Thank you ever so much Andrea.

You’re an amazingly talented lady.

From the Greek goat herder to the Italian merchant’s daughter with love. Julie x

Julie Micklethwaite