This week I have been very busy helping people in my Energy Programme Facebook page , the programme is designed to help people look after their Energy by learning to ground, protect, cleanse and re align their energy plus lots more.

When people take their energy for granted and don’t look after , allow others to drain them of their energy ( psychic vampires), they become tired, listless, suffer from brain fog, find it hard to make a decision and suffer from fatigue, functioning on any given level .

I have put together a few tips to find out what /who is draining your energy.

1 You wake up full of energy but an hour after you get to work you feel like you need to go back to bed , ask yourself is it work in general that is causing this or is it particularly when you around a certain work colleague?

2 You feel great and are really looking forward to. Eating up with friends for a good catch up and few laughs, but half way through you feel exhausted and or have a headache ? Is their one particular friend who is very needy and keeps turning the conversation back to them ? Is there a friend who is negative about everything and everyone they know?

3 You love your family more than life it’s self but you are dreading having to go to the family gathering because you feel exhausted afterwards and come away feeling down hearted . Is their a certain relative who is constantly making put downs and comparing their life to others?

Once you have found the root cause you can take measures to stop feeling that way by simply grounding and protecting your energy before and after meeting up with friends, going to work etc . Try it , it really does work .

Namaste Friends xxx