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Triple Tarot Programme Part 1 – Beginning Your Tarot Journey

I have designed the triple Tarot Programme so that anyone wishing to learn how to read the tarot will not be overwhelmed with learning the meaning of 78 Cards.


Let’s Dive Into A Little More About Tarot

Some say the Tarot cards originated from Ancient Egypt , others say they originated in China, however Tarot really were designed as form of playing rather like modern day bridge that wealthy Italian families played in 17th century possibly earlier. However the rise of the tarot card as a means of divination really became famous when Pamela Colman Smith best known as Pixie, helped design and illustrate the Rider Waite Tarot Cards ( the deck that most tarot decks are based on) for Arthur Edward Waite, this deck is firmly based on arcane ancient knowledge such as the tree of life /Kabbalah   High magick and other metaphysical belief systems that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn practised ( a group of Victorians Occultist who studied and practised metaphysical and paranormal activities).

Since the birth of the Rider Waite , Tarot Reading has become more and more popular as tool for divination amongst Psychics and Mediums alike.

The reason I use the tarot is not only because I have always being fascinated by them but also because Tarot Cards can give very in-depth readings about the past, present and future, every day inspiration and insight on your day ahead , a brillant heads up on a particular problem or issue and can also be used in spellwork & rituals.

Learning to read the Tarot Cards really does give you the edge on what’s going on in your life and the likely outcomes, they can help you understand what the best course of action is to take and warn you of events and happenings that you need to be cautious of whether that be people or situations , and if you really feel the love for the tarot you can also help your friends and relatives with your insights and give you the key to a whole world of arcane knowledge right at your finger tips, because it taps into your higher self, past lives and other worldly energies,Elementals, Angels, spirit guides and loved ones.

When I teach the tarot I really love to help people find their own unique way of understanding what the tarot is showing us and how to interpret all 78 cards, gain understanding in their spiritual gifts , help the to grow and flourish. The Tarot is a key that unlocks many doors and much wisdom and knowledge on many spiritual levels. It takes you on journey from  the beginning with the Fool and ending with The World , it is a fascinating journey that mirrors our journey on our path in life.

How’s The Programme Work? 

The programme is divided into 3 parts, BASIC, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED.

This is Part One for those new to Tarot or just beginning and have tarot cards but are still not sure how to proceed with them. The basic programme is divided into Major Arcana where I teach the very basic meanings of the 22 cards and the Minor Arcana which goes through each suit of cards ( there are four) and their basic meanings so as not to overwhelm anyone with too much information and then the final video explains how to read them and gives you a few simple card layouts to get started. The great thing about it being in video format is that you can download it and keep going back to it in whichever order you want, so your learning at your own pace.

The Second part of the programme will be released around the beginning of this Summer (2018) which go into more detail about the tarot and more detail on how to read the cards effectively.

I have already had amazing feedback from the people who have bought Part One and there is a private Facebook group you can join where you chat with each h other about tarot cards, layouts and ask questions.

It’s absolutely time for you to dive in and start your Tarot Journey.

From now until 5th November you can get your hands on FIRST programme for just £99 (a payment plan is available for 3 monthly payments of £33)

Bright Blessings xxx

~ It's Time To Start Your Tarot Journey ~

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