Hello Beautiful Souls and Witchy Friends,

I so excited to announce I am rebranding and revealing my new logo.

Whilst my old logo is a beautiful piece of Art work, times change and so does my energy and how I represent myself.

Initially, I chose to go with Andrea Lancaster the White Witch so that people felt comfortable approaching me and understood I did not do harm to anyone, us Witches can get a bit of a bad press at times can’t we!?  I was sitting a little bit uncomfortable with me because I felt that there was no longer a need for me to distinguish the whole light/dark thing.  I’m sure that if you are reading this then you completely “get” that the witchcraft & spirituality which I teach and seek to share with you is all about the highest and greatest good of you & humanity.


In witchcraft there is actually no such thing as a white or black witch it’s what you with the energy, good or bad as most energy at the start off is neutral. There’s a whole heap of exceptions to this rule and as you learn more about witchcraft with me, and I share more articles with you, you will see that in most circumstances we are working with neutral or positive energy.

I now feel people know me well enough to know what I do and what I specialise in, so I now have no need to put an explanation in my logo (white).


Andrea Lancaster School Of Witchery 

Don’t forget that you can join my School of Witchery right now and start to learn much more about witchcraft, rituals, spirituality and tapping into/developing your psychic intuition. >>click here to find out more and join us<<<

simplero school of witchery banner

The Energy Programme For Lightworkers 

Exciting times ahead for me as relaunch my very successful Energy for LightWorkers Programme (a complete programme that teaches people to ground, cleanse and protect their energy through various exercises , with lots of tips and effective ways to stop people from zapping your energy , also how to realign your energy so that is running to full capacity). >>>click here to find out more about the Energy Programme For Lightworkers<<<

simplero lightworkers programme banner

Triple Tarot Tuition

Also in the next couple of months, I will be launching my Tarot Programme that helps people learn to understand, read and connect with the energy of the Tarot Cards so that they can give very precise readings, that includes how to use your psychic ability as well in conjunction with the cards. >>click here to register your interest and be first to hear about the Triple Tarot Tuition when it goes live<<<

simplero triple tarot tuition banner

Witch Head Quarters is very busy at the moment with all of the exciting things going on, watch this space as I will also be announcing dates for up and coming workshops.

Bright Blessings xxx