So, What’s This Energy Healing Stuff All About?


Energy healing is actually an umbrella term for a number of healing modalities that are used to effect positive changes in a client’s Auric Field and Chakra system.

When I first meet a client who comes to me for energy healing, I like to start with a consultation so that I can get a good overview of the client’s general health and emotional state. From there I use a variety of techniques to remove stagnant energy/negative energy and any blockages from their energy field. I also remove old ties and chords what are holding the client back.

I always listen carefully to my healing guides who are constantly giving me feedback and suggesting what therapy or variety of therapies would give the results needed to move my client forward in a positive way.

It is important to also give the client feedback and sometimes homework to do until the next session and self-care advice. This also gives the client the understanding that they have to make an effort to help until the energy changes taking place, this empowering them in the process.


Andrea x