From the moment I started telling my parents and family that there was an “old lady on my bed”, they knew I had inherited my grandmother’s (and generations before her’s) gift of mediumship or in layman’s terms, being able to speak to our loved ones who had passed into spirit (died). I often told them what was going to happen and watch the scene unfold. I was fortunate enough that my family never tried to shut it down in me as they respected my gift and knew that although it would bring pain it would also bring happiness in the ability to help others.

So when people ask me what is it I do or what is this spirit stuff all about, I try and explain that yes I talk to spirit, but let me make it clear, it’s not 24/7 (that would drive me insane) and when I say I have spoken to spirit especially when referring to myself, I use spirit as a generic term as in my higher self, intuition, the universe, Angelic Beings, Guides, inspirers and loved ones. I’m not always chatting to spirit but if they feel it’s important to tell me something, they will, or if I have a question I feel they can help with, I will ask. So all this spirit shit is fundamental to who I am as a person, as a witch, as an energy healer and as a Tarot reader.

In the future, I believe all people will have lost the barriers that society has put up and will be able to communicate with spirit themselves and that’s how it should be. We all come from spirit, we all end up back as spirit so it makes sense that we are in fact spirit wrapped in a human flesh overcoat. We should all be able to communicate with those who have passed on, let’s face it, it’s only atoms and molecules vibrating at a different rate anyway.

Namaste friends. xxx