Hello Beautiful Souls and Witchy Friends,

I thought I would start blogging again after a long absence as I feel there’s a need for people to understand some of the basics of Spellcraft so I’m starting with a brief introduction into what the colours correspond to in spellcraft ,especially candle magick as candle magick is pretty much where most novices start .

We always have to remember that culturally certain colours can mean different things entirely, so the colour system Iam giving is basically the one embraced by most pagans, Druids and witches:


Passion,fire, courage, joy, strength, desire, ambition, leadership, war, conflict, hunting and confrontation.


love, self love,friendship, harmony, romance, partnerships, animals, femininity, emotions, compassion, children.


energy, vitality, passion, courage, increasing opportunities, removing blocks,harvests, dominance, kindness, upliftment, mentally alert.


intelligence, mental clarity, creativity, productivity. Friendship, inventiveness, thinking, self esteem, study, beauty, removing negativity.


Nature , faey, healing, love, money, wealth, transformation, hope, balance, herbal magick , employment, new beginnings, trust, prosperity, fertility, rebirth, luck, peace, calm, successes, beauty, affection, partnership, grace, gardening, poetry.


emotions, healing, joy, patience, loyalty, meditation, fidelity, introspection, calm, travel,social standing,Reading. Justice, legal matters, expansion, jobs.


clairvoyance. Mediumship, Protection, emotional hurt, wisdom, spiritual growth, spirituality, meditation, occult, justice, secrets, Psychic powers, forgiveness, writing, memory,friendship, astrology.


protection, safety, purity, enlightenment, higher self, outgoing, freedom,health, initiation, transformation.


rebirth, Protection, divination,creation, absorbing negativity, binding, stability, obstacles, challenges,tests,sacrifice, elders, truth.


home, security, magic,generosity, harvest, nature, endurance, solidifying, finding lost things, focus, animals, fruitfulness, stubbornness, grounding.

These is the basic list of colour correspondence,there are shades within shades when you start to get really technical, however this list is just right when looking for the right candle to burn or the right colour to wear to influence situations , always make things simple and focus your intention when you set out to do any spellwork, as that is the key to a successful spell.

Bright Blessings xxx