Welcome To The School Of Witchery 

Hello Beautiful Souls & Witchy Friends,

My school of Witchery is for all you lovely people who have always been fascinated by Witches and Witchcraft and Spellcraft but didn’t know where to start, or for those who have just begun their journey into being a witch.

In my Witchy School each month you will learn the basics of witchcraft which are fundamental to being able to do spells, charms, potions etc.

This includes the elements, lunar cycles, which kind of witch you are, magical colour correspondence, planetary correspondence, crystals, herbs, the witch’s year (celebrations), tips of divination tools, psychic development, tools of the craft, spells and much  more.


All of this will help you to start to walk along the path of a witch, or simply help you to enhance areas of your day to day life. You will gain an appreciations of the mother nature, the seasons and the energy that runs through us all.

It’s just £15 per month to be part of Witchy School & it’s stacked full of value!  I really can’t wait to help you on your Witchy journey.


I love Andrea Lancaster’s school of witchery!

Mainly because you can go along at your own pace and learn all different subjects.

Andrea teaches in the most simplest of ways which helps you to learn and understand her concepts and the witchy concepts at ease.

I love all the subjects and all the live streams too and how she makes me laugh without even knowing it.

Andrea is always there to help and answer any questions you have and supports you on your journey.

I am slowly learning all things witchy and love my new life journey.

All the ladies in the group are very friendly and supportive and it’s nice to feel a sense of belonging in this class.
Thank you to Andrea and all the ladies for making me feel welcome 💕💕

Debbie Heath

Since joining Andrea Lancaster School of Witchery my confidence in myself and all things witchy has grown tremendously. Andrea is always on hand with advice, help and tips to guide us along our path but goes out of her way to remind us that it is our path and encourages us to use our own individuality and personalities wherever possible to pour more energy and power into everything we do. Two weeks ago I did a New Job spell where I asked the Goddess and God to bring me my perfect part time job as I was unhappy where I was, I focused on this every day and last Wednesday I was fired! Andrea reminded me that magic takes the quickest route and told me that spirit had paved the way for my new job to come in and she was getting the message that I’d have another job by Wednesday……. Friday I got a call to say I’d been successful at interview and could I start my new post …… Wednesday!!!!! This new job is over £3 an hour more in wages, the hours mean no childcare for my children, and I’m back doing what I’m trained to do!!! My spell more than worked!! I cannot recommend the School of Witchery or  Andrea enough, she is an amazing teacher, and leader of all things witchy. Blessed Be xx Claire O'Connell

Andreas School Of Witchery has been a life changer for me. I joined the school a complete novice, and I feel like I’m growing and learning as a new Witch every day. What I love best about the school is Andreas approach, she doesn’t say you have to be a certain way or a certain ‘kind’ of witch if at all, she encourages you to go with what you feel is right for you . Also, busy lives can sometimes get in the way of our interests and passions , so I find the school is perfect as I can access all of the info, talks, spells, everything at a time that suits me best! Olivia Whiting

I could write a book about how much I love the school and this group. I know I’ve already emailed one over to you but here’s another one lol.

Since joining Andreas School of Witchery, and as someone very new to the practice, I’ve learnt so much. The way Andrea teaches is so easy to understand and I adore the variety of topics and I especially love the live teachings. The Facebook group and the support of the other members of the school is priceless. I’m completely hooked and super keen on continuing to develop my skills and practice further. If you’re looking for something a little different and super friendly then this is the place to be. Sarah x

Sarah Cornforth